Core Values

Soccer is the world’s greatest democratic sport. But in America this does not hold true. A players’ development in the United States - and access to facilities, coaching, equipment, exposure, and opportunity - is often determined by the wealth of one’s parents.

This is a broken system. More specifically, it is a pay-to-play system that underserves diverse and underprivileged communities, nation-wide. Just 34% of children from families earning less than $25,000 a year got to play one day of a team sport in 2018. This is compared to over 69% of children from homes earning more than $100,000 a year. This isn’t fair, and change needs to be realized.

So how do we foster change?

We start local.

Our tournament is about celebrating diversity and creating an environment of acceptance and inclusiveness. With soccer as our vehicle, we will promote dialogue, raise awareness, encourage equality, and ultimately, unite communities.

Every adult that plays in our tournament, sponsor that donates to our cause, volunteer that gives time, or fan that comes out to watch good soccer - will be part of the Equality Cup team. A team with a common goal to change a system built on income inequality. Together, let’s make a difference in your local community.