Equality Cup

Community Support


100% of proceeds go to the Minneapolis/St. Paul community.

Equality Cup Scholarships :

The first half (50%) of all proceeds are distributed to underprivileged children through soccer scholarships. These scholarships will give select children the opportunity to play soccer for a team that they would otherwise not be able to afford. While promoting youth development and physical health, the Equality Cup Scholarship advances diversity, inclusiveness, and social equality -- and ultimately -- unites communities.

LGBTQ Homeless Youth Fund:

The second half (50%) of all proceeds will be used to support LGBTQ children affected by homelessness.  This fund will help provide emergency shelter, temporary housing, and physical and emotional support programs. Through these services, we hope to give LGBTQ children a safe and nurturing living environment -- one that is welcoming, guiding, healing, supportive, and without judgement.